Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has the district made any decisions about 45/15?
A: No. RPS is currently collecting data from our families and staff. This data will be analyzed by our 45/15 team. The team will make a proposal based on the data. There will be public input sessions on the proposal(s). The proposal(s) will be brought to board in November or December of 2016.

Q: Why is the survey just yes or no questions?
A:RPS is seeking feedback from 100% of our families. The survey is an initial way for our district to get feedback. More input and feedback opportunities will be provided once we have recommendations/proposals.

Q: Would SACC be available on the 45/15 calendar?
A:This will be part of the proposal as far as offerings during the 15 day intersessions.

Q: Why is the district looking at 45/15 expansion?
A: Currently RPS has one school (Longfellow Elementary) which is on a 45/15 calendar. We have heard from some stakeholders asking for 45/15 to be expanded. We are currently gathering data from our families and staff to guide us in our planning around 45/15.

Q: Has the district considered all of the financial costs in 45/15 schedule?
A: At this point the district is gathering feedback. Once this feedback has been reviewed the proposals and recommendations will include budgetary impact, transportation impact, facility use, and other factors.

Q: I was disappointed that it was only interested in finding out my level of interest and not why. Will there be further surveys to help gather that information?
A: This is an initial exploratory survey. Our charge initially is to get feedback from our 17,400 students. Once we have this initial feedback we will begin to design a plan and recommendations. As the recommendations and proposals are being developed input from our families will be sought and the recommendations/proposals may be tweaked based on this feedback. This is the first step of many.

Q: If a public 45/15 stakeholder team to review feedback has not been chosen yet, I wonder if the District will have information on individuals for and against the 45/15 schedule thus biasing the stakeholder team?
A: We have more than 90 people interested in the team. We are in the process of narrowing that down. This is just an initial survey to gathering basic input from all of our families – our charge is not to convince families one way or another. Our job is to get feedback from all. The team will analyze these results and then begin their work on recommendations. Once the recommendations are designed input and feedback will be sought from our stakeholders. Then the team will make adjustments based on that feedback and then the recommendation will be brought to board in November or December. So this is just the very initial baseline for our team and ten a wealth more feedback will be solicited and analyzed by our team.

Q: Did district already survey staff previously?
A: Yes this survey was done by the Rochester Educators Association in 2015. The link provides the results.

Q: What are the waiting pool numbers for Longfellow?

Grade Level Total Applicants Per Grade Total Number Drawn Total Accepted Placement Total Applications Still in Pool
K 159 103 52  56
1 21 5 3 16
2 23 5 5 18
3 21 7 3 14
4 12 3 3 8
5 6 4 1 2

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