PSEO Honors Appeal Form
The giving and receiving of honors credit for a class is part of the high school environment. Classes are clearly designated as to whether one can earn honors credit for successfully completing the class or whether one can earn honors credit by completing the honors option. If one chooses to enroll in the post secondary education option, earning an honors credit for a class taken at RCTC becomes less certain. By choosing to participate in the post secondary education option you have chosen to earn college credit. However, there are instances when a class taken at RCTC as part of the post secondary option is rigorous enough to earn honors credit. These classes are clearly marked as Honors and will be recorded on your high school transcript as an Honors class. If you take a class that is not marked Honors and you think it is rigorous enough to deserve an honors designation you may submit a PSEO Honors Appeal.

What is a PSEO Honors Appeal?
A PSEO Honors Appeal provides an opportunity for a student to request that a college course that the student is currently enrolled in receive high school Honors Credit.

Who should submit a PSEO Honor Appeal?
1. A student who has earned an “A” or “B” grade in a college course
2. A student who has taken a RCTC course that is not already listed as Honors in the blue “Post-Secondary enrollment Options Course Guide”
3. The student genuinely feels that :
a. The Content of the course exhibits greater depth than a non-honors college course. The course is more abstract and there is evidence of challenge and rigor.
b. The course is presented at a faster pace than a non-honors course. Higher level thinking skills are evident. The students engage in dialogue with the teacher on the level of colleagues/peers. Students use a variety of resources.
c. The student’s Product or Work demonstrates higher level thinking skills and reflects “real world” situations/applications. Product displays originality/creativity and is professional in form, content, and appearance.

When and Where should you submit the PSEO Honors Appeals?
The PSEO Honor Appeal should be submitted to your gifted service specialist along with the appropriate documentation (syllabus, examples of course work) by the last day of the semester.

What happens next?
The PSEO Honor Appeal, with the appropriate documentation, is sent to the Gifted Services Coordinator. The Gifted Services Coordinator submits your work to the appropriate department chairman at Century, John Marshall, and Mayo to review the quality of your work. The evaluations are then returned to the Gifted Services Coordinator. When the evaluations are received by the Gifted Services Coordinator, the PSEO Honor Appeal is either accepted, in which the student would earn honors credit, or denied. The decision of the PSEO Honor Appeal committee is final.

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