Weight Watchers at Work
"I hate new year's resolutions. They never stick and I end up feeling worse than I did before I set the resolution. That changed this year. I set an attainable goal. I wanted to get healthy and the first step to getting there was getting 7 hours of sleep each night. To most this sounds easy, but for me it was going to be a challenge. However, it was one that I could definitely attain. By February, I was getting 7 hours of sleep a night and starting to feel healthier. Around that same time, our office started talking about doing a Weight Watchers at Work group. Upon thinking about it, I realized this was my step 2 to getting healthier. I am not in my 3rd at work session and just recently met my WW lifetime goal! During our WW at work sessions, we meet weekly and talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Each week focuses on a specific focus area. During one week, we talked about movement. I realized this was my step 3. It was time to add exercise to my plan. So, where am I today? I'm getting enough sleep, I've lost a little weight, I work out regularly, but most importantly, I feel great! I am a happier mom, wife, friend and colleague...and I've been able to follow through with a New Year's resolution for the first time in my life!"
~Julie R.

"I decided to make some life changes on August 6, 2016. I lost 20 pounds in less than two months and was feeling awesome! Between October and December I did not lose anything and was going up and down. We received an e-mail asking if anyone was interested in joining the Weight Watchers at Work group. I jumped at this opportunity, but I was a little skeptical because after all, I had joined Weight Watchers a few times before. I have tried multiple diet programs/fads! I would have some initial success, but then I would not be able to maintain or continue my journey. 
Weight Watchers at Work started January 26th. By June 8th, I had lost 38 pounds and hit a lifetime goal! I've been through the six weeks of maintenance and am now a Lifetime Weight Watchers member! The Weight Watchers phone app just worked for me along with a Fitbit. I learned so many "tricks" at the meetings that helped me to be successful. Not everything worked for me that worked for others, but it was such a support to try something else which led me to find what worked for me.
One key life change for me was not sitting around! The Fitbit reminders helped me make this a habit. Walking two to four times a day! A co-worker showed me it's important to take your 15 minute breaks. I worked up to walking a mile in under 15 minutes. I walk 30 minutes at lunch and sometimes after work. In bad weather, I would run stairs at work. I print to the farthest copy machine! I walk to talk to someone instead of calling or e-mailing.
I owe my success to the members of the Weight Watchers at Work group, the Weight Watchers leaders, my co-workers' encouragement, and the support of my family/friends. As of today, I have lost 58 pounds! I'm working toward two more pounds to make it an even 60! 
Becoming a Lifetime members of Weight Watchers has made me feel, for the first time, that I will be able to maintain this weight and the healthy life changes I have made. I continue to track my points daily, because for me and based on past up and down in weight, I need to continue focused and aware. I know I can eat what I want but make some adjustments to be healthy. Weight Watchers gave me the tools and knowledge to reach a healthy life style and maintain it.


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