Steps to Renew

Steps for Renewing Your MN Teaching License

If you have questions about renewing your license, please check with your site staff development chair person first.

1.  Create an account on the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Teacher Licensing website.

2.  Locate your official license. You will need the issuance date located in the upper right hand corner to enter into your PDExpress Transcript when setting the date range.  If you cannot find your license, log into your MDE account.  If you are employed by the Rochester School District and have a Skyward profile, your license information is located in the Certification section and/or tab.  

3. Review your PDExpress transcript(s).  Calculate your hours starting from the issuance date located on your current official license to determine how many clock hours you have.  Please set your date range.  Do you have 125 or more clock hours in the seven subject headings below?
  • English Language Learners (ELL) - One credit minimum
  • Mental Health - (Must be regarding Onset of Mental Illness course) 2 credits minimum. Effective 12/2/2016,  MDE made a modification for anyone renewing a license after June 30, 2017.  The requirement must include one hour of Suicide Prevention Best practices.
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies - any number of credits
  • Accommodation, Modifications and Adaptation of Curriculum, Materials and Instruction - any number of credits
  • Reading - 4 credits minimum (effective July 2013)
  • Technology - 2 credits minimum
  • 5-Year Reflection Statement - 5 CEUs (Click here for instructions)

Next, are the clock hours listed on the transcript in more than one of the categories below?

Category 3: National Organization Certifications

Category A: College Courses

Category B: Educational Workshops, Online classes, Conferences, etc.

Category C: In-District Staff Development Activities and Workshops

Category D: Curriculum Development

Category E: Peer Coaching/Mentorship

Category F: Professional Service

Category G: Leadership Experiences

Category H: Diverse Educational Settings

Category I: Pre-approved Travel or Work Experience

Category L: 60 Deaf Culture/ASL Hours

4.  When you have reviewed and determined that your PDExpress Transcript(s) reflects ALL the Subject Headings and two Activity Categories as listed above, email a copy of the transcript to Include a short message. i.e. " I have reviewed my PDExpress transcript and am ready to renew my license."

5.  You will receive a confirmation email when the clock hours have been entered into your MDE profile that you are ready to renew your license online or that there is some issue that needs attention.

6.  Log into your MDE profile to renew the license. Remember that you will need to have a credit card ready to complete the process.

7.  When the process is completed, MDE may or may not send you two official green copies of your renewed license. You are no longer required to submit an official green license to the Office of Human Resources.  
You are required to email a copy of the license directly from your MDE profile and NOT the public website to
  A confirmation email will be sent to you upon your Skyward and Aesop profiles being updated.

10.  Log into PDExpress and change your date range (as before under the "Preferences" link) to your new expiration date.

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