Graduate Residents

Here is what Graduate Residents have to say about their experience in the GIP Program!

"Being a Resident in the Graduate Induction Program means "experience". You have the experience of learning new strategies and ideas through your coursework. You gain so much from the personal experiences and expertise that your clinical coach shares with you. You also get to experience being a full-time classroom teacher and working with a diverse group of students, staff, and other residents."
-Andrew Ackerman/Class of 2013-2014

"My year in GIP was incredibly valuable to me as an educator.  Master’s Degree aside, the amount of knowledge I gained during my time as a resident has proved invaluable to me ever since.  I feel much more at ease in the classroom and in the school environment.  I know my lessons are more meaningful and the students are getting more out of them.  I had a great time during my GIP year interacting with the coaches and other residents.  I made life-long friends through the program, and was able to collaborate on a number of ideas and teaching methods with my fellow residents.  Overall, GIP was a great experience, and I know I am a better educator because of it."
-Nate Dietzman/Class of 2013-2014

"Being a resident in GIP not only helped to expand my skills as an educator, it also helped me to connect with other professionals.  Many fellow teachers in my building were former GIP residents.  This was important to me because every day I encountered these phenomenal educators who were still excited to learn as well as teach.  This gave me hope that the kind of teachers GIP creates are the ones who beat the odds of teacher burn out rates.  Through being a resident, I also had the opportunity to work closely with my administration throughout the year, and when hiring season started, my principal was a huge advocate.   Thanks GIP for helping me become the teacher I wanted to be!"
-Michelle Haugen/Class of 2013-2014

"Before being accepted to the GIP program, I was very nervous about my first year of teaching because I wasn't sure where to start or what to do. With the support of the GIP coaches, supervisors, and other residents, I knew that I would be able to successfully complete my first year of teaching. The program set me up to be successful on my own as a second-year teacher. The networking and relationships that I built during GIP helped me to get my dream job as a 6th grade teacher, which also happened to be the same position that I had for my residency. Although it is a significant time commitment, I am so grateful for the experiences and support that I had during my time in the Graduate Induction Program because it prepared me for teaching in a way that nothing else could."
-Christine Stanich/Class of 2013-2014

"Being a part of the Graduate Induction Program was one of the most rewarding experiences. It was a challenging year, but I came out of it with knowledge, strategies, resources, mentors, and friends that will last a lifetime. I felt very prepared and confident in my teaching after going through the program."
-Danielle Knoll/Class of 2012-2013

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