Middle School Late Bus Schedule
Late Bus #1

4:30 Friedell
West Side of Franklin on 9th AV SE
4:40 Willow Creek
Garden Ct & St. Bridget's Rd SE
45th ST & Boulder's Entrance SE
Forest Knoll DR and Forest Knoll PL (South Ent)
South Point DR & Pointe CT SW
Scenic Point DR & Scenic View DR SW
Britwood LN & Scenic View Dr SW (effective 12/3/18)
11th Ave SW & Willow LN SW
48th ST and Scenic Oak DR SW
33rd ST & Southtown Hghts SW
Willow Ridge DR & Circle CT SW
36th ST & 10th AV SW
18th AV & 28th ST SW
18th AV & 32nd ST SW
18th AV & Ponderosa DR SW
Bamber Valley Elementary
Fox Valley DR & Fox Croft Cir SW
Fox Knoll DR & Fox Valley DR SW (Roundabout)
9th ST SW & Braeburn LN SW
Folwell Drive & 21st AV SW
Folwell Drive & 7th St SW
19th Ave & 3rd St SW
Folwell Elementary
Edison Bldg
West Center & 9th AV NW (United Way)
621 Center St W (Old Lourdes HS Site)

Late Bus #2

4:25 Lincoln K-8 Choice
4:30 Friedell
4:40 John Adams
29th ST & 9th Av NW
Essex PKWY & Cornwall DR NW
Essex PKWY & Canterbury CT NW
41st ST & 11th AV NW
Pax Christi Church (18th AV & 41st ST NW)
43rd ST & 42nd AV NW
22nd AV & 48th ST NW
Resurrection Lutheran Church and School
50th ST & 19th AV NW
50th ST & 16th AV NW
Kings Run DR & Belmoral LN NW
Georgetowne Entrance 55th ST NW
44th AV & 57th ST NW
Villa RD & Hillsboro DR NW
Hillsboro DR & Blossom ST NW
Winesap DR & Jonathan Dr NW
Fairway DR & Savannah DR NW
Savanah Dr & Shetland DR NW
Savanah Dr & 47th AV NW
Ridgeview DR & Mallard DR NW
Weatherstone Cir & Foxfield DR NW
Nicholas DR & Palmer LN NW
Holy Spirit
51st ST & 55th AV NW
Late Bus #3
4:30 Friedell

4:40 Kellogg
11th AV & 10th ST NE
7th St & 14th AV (North Intersection)
11th AV & 4th ST NE
11th AV & E Center ST (Boys & Girls Club)
East Center ST & 6th AV SE
Riverside Elementary School
Damon Ct & 15th Ave SE
8 1/2 ST & 16th AV SE
8 1/2 ST & East Village Circle SE
8 1/2 ST & 21st AV SE
Sherwood Pl & Strathmore LN SE
Strathmore LN SE & Sheffield LN SE
36th Ave & Bridgeview Dr SE
Century Hills DR & 20th ST NE
Cassidy DR & Colleen ST NE
Coral Ct NE & Stonehedge Dr NE (NE Clinic)
Jasper CT NE & Stone Point DR NE
East Circle DR & 16th AV NE
East Circle Dr & Deerhaven CT NE
Alberta DR & Glacier LN NE
Hidden Creek & Rustic Dr NE 
Late Bus #4

4:40 Willow Creek
20th ST & 3rd AV SW
25th ST & Parkhill LN SW
16th ST & 6th AV SW (North Side)
14th ST & 4th AV SW
14th ST & 4th AV SE (Meadow Park)
Church of the Savior/Meadow Park DC
Lincoln K-8 Choice School
11th St & 3rd AV SE
8th AV & 6th ST SE
8 1/2 ST & 16th AV SE
8 1/2 ST & W Village Cir SE
8 1/2 ST & 21st AV SE
Marion RD & Gateway Trailer Park
17th St SE & Marion Rd SE
Bus Shelter on Park LN SE
24th AV & Melody ST SE
Rose DR & Park ST SE
Harbor Dr & Harbor Heights Ct SE
40th AV & Trumpeter DR SE
Chester AV & Chester Hghts ST SE
50th AV & Fairlane CT SE
20th ST & Tomar LN SE
Chester RD & 19th ST SE
40th AV SE (Faith Christian Area)
Late Bus #5

4:40 John Adams
18th AV & 26th ST NW
John Marshall
14th ST & 10th AV NW
14th ST & 5th AV NW
4th AV & 8TH ST NW (Northrop)
7th AV & Center St W (Old Lourdes Site)
United Way Building on West Center ST
West Center & 16th AV SW
18th Ave & 1st ST SW - Effective 10/8/18
Grandville Blvd & Grandville RD (By Office) 
2nd ST & 18th AV SW
2nd ST & Grande Valley AV SW
7th ST & Lakeridge DR NW
Bishop Elementary
Manor Park & 4th ST NW
Manor Park Dr & 7th St NW
10th ST & Opal LN NW
2350 Valleyhigh DR NW
Sunset Terrace Elementary
19th ST & 26th AV NW
24th ST & 23rd AV NW
25th ST & 29th AV NW
31st AV & Arbor DR NW
Arbor DR & Bradford LN NW
Oxford LN & 31st AV NW
Sunset Trail Apt on 41st ST NW
Kenosha Dr & 35th St NW
Kenosha DR & Monroe DR NW
Ashland DR & Heartland DR NW
Ashland DR & Arctic Fox DR NW
Late Bus #6

4:40 Kellogg
Hoover Elementary
East River Road & 31st ST NE
East River Road & Penny LN NE
537 Northern Hills DR NE
Churchill Elementary
Northern Hghts DR & Wilshire DR NE
Parkwood Hills & 20th Ave NE
Morman Church on Viola Hghts DR NE
Rocky Creek & Glendale Hills DR NE
Rocky Creek Esates & Rocky Creek Dr NE
55th Street NE & Zumbro Ridge Estates
55th Street NE & Hallmark Terrace Trailer Park
41st ST & 11th AV NW
18th AV &35th ST NW
41st ST NW (Entrance to the Gates)
26th Ave & 55th St Frontage Rd NW
59th ST & 25th AV NW
Bandel RD & 59th ST NW
Bandel RD & Bandel DR NW

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