District-Wide Schools

Rochester Public Schools offer six district wide schools. 

Quick Facts about District Wide Schools:

  • Students must apply to attend a district wide school. 
  • There is no tuition cost associated with attending a district wide school.
  • Transportation to the five sites will be provided for students eligible for transportation.
  • Printable guide to District Wide Schools can be found HERE.
  • The application form can be found HERE. 
  • District Wide FAQs

Here are the six district wide programs (Click on the links to the left to view their websites).

Gage Spanish Immersion
Our Spanish Immersion program offers 90 percent of the day spoken in Spanish and 10 percent spoken in English. Students have the opportunity to be both first-language models and second-language learners in this program. Our teachers are licensed elementary teachers proficient in both Spanish and English. The Spanish Immersions program covers the same curriculum and is held to the same standards for success as our traditional Kindergarten programs. To arrange a tour, call 328.3400. Principal: Nichole Bergerson

Friedell Middle School
Friedell provides students a smaller middle school environment with all the advantages of a larger middle school. Friedell is a choice middle school with a District-wide attendance area and transportation provided; parents/guardians must apply to have their middle-level students attend Friedell. An open house for 5th-grade students and parents who are considering attending Friedell is held each November. In addition to the regular district curriculum, Friedell also offers a program for highly gifted students. Please check the school website for more information. To arrange a tour, call 328.5650. Principal: Levi Lundak


Lincoln K-8
The mission of Lincoln is to educate and empower our children in a family-oriented and creative community by cultivating excellence. Staff use a thematic approach to deliver curriculum using multiple intelligences which support the individual learning styles of the whole child. Integrated technology lessons deliver the skills our children will need in a technology-driven future. Our innovative science curriculum supports academic excellence and is fostering the next generation of talented and creative scientists. 

Lincoln creates a positive environment for learning and growing by nurturing self-esteem and personal responsibility with a focus on respect and personal diversity. We are a creative community that incorporates visual arts, music and class productions in grades K-8. Lincoln offers Spanish K-8. The foundation of Lincoln’s success is family involvement in the classroom, school organizations and events. To arrange a tour, call 328.3550. Principal: Jim Sonju.


Longfellow 45/15
Longfellow follows a 45/15 instructional calendar with school beginning the last week of July after a six-week summer vacation. Students attend school each of the four instructional quarters for approximately 45 days followed by 15 days of vacation. During each 15 day intersession break students are provided the opportunity to attend targeted math and/or reading intervention classes in the morning for one week in October, one week in January, and one week in March. These classes are taught by Longfellow staff where student/teacher ratio is low in order to provide as much individual help as possible. School Age Child Care (SACC) and 21st Century Grant offer enrichment activities during the remainder of the break. Benefits of the 45/15 schedule include greater student retention and less re-teaching due to the strategically placed breaks, consistent teaching time and positive school culture. Our Kindergarten students receive art, music, media and physical education classes as specials. Our staff is highly creative with the infusion of research based differentiation models to meet the needs of our learners. We are a full one-to-one technology school. Every student has an iPad that he or she uses throughout the school day for instruction. To arrange a tour, call 328.3600. Principal: Kris Davidson.

Montessori at Franklin
The Montessori approach to education embraces individualized instruction for children, mixed-age groupings, a structured curriculum, and a prepared environment using specialized Montessori teaching materials. The Montessori classrooms allow children to move, touch, manipulate, and explore the specifically designed learning materials with both direct and indirect teaching to foster their journey from the concrete to the abstract. The approach to language emphasizes spoken language patterns. Written language includes the introduction of the 26 letters and their sounds, along with other natural exposures to writing and written materials. Since Montessori education is based on the inner motivation of the child, it is the teacher’s role to work with this motivation in ways that will enhance each child’s learning experience. Parent and guardian involvement is an important part of the Montessori program. To arrange a tour, call 328.3300. Principal: George Nemanich.

Washington Core Knowledge
Washington uses a curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, a rich and rigorous body of information in American and world history, geography, science, literature, music and art. The school is based on the belief that the most effective elementary education balances high expectations for mastery of basic reading, math, writing, and technology skills with a solid foundation of factual information in the content areas. Our single-grade classrooms use the same reading textbook program as neighborhood schools, and supplement the reading instruction with classic literature recommended in the Core Knowledge Sequence. Math instruction uses the Harcourt Math textbooks to help students master basic math facts, computation skills, concepts, and problem solving. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods to help students learn content and skills. Our character education program, which is integrated throughout the school day, helps provide a learning environment that is orderly, respectful, and productive. Regular homework and parent involvement are also features of the school. Extracurricular activities include math masters, Lego league, and foreign language clubs. To arrange a tour, call 328.3800. Principal: Chad Schroeder.














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