Registration and Records

If you are new to Rochester, have a student about to start kindergarten, or are changing your address or school within the city, you'll need to visit the Registration and Records Office.

Registration and Records enrolls all public and nonpublic students. Located in Room 124 of the Edison Building (615 7th Street SW). 

We are open from 7:30 am until 4:45 pm  Monday through Friday.

Please bring the following to enroll:

1) A copy of the child's certified birth certificate (which can be obtained from the county in which your child was born).

2) The child's immunization record (required for all children in Minnesota schools).

3) The name and address of your child's previous school (if applicable).

4) Current copy of IEP and Summary Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Report (if applicable).

The enrollment procedure provides the school district with census data on school-age children as well as preschoolers. This census information is critical to the enrollment projections process. The information is also used to notify parents of early childhood screenings and kindergarten registration.

To ensure an accurate census, parents should notify Registration and Records of address changes or additional children who should be enrolled.

TO CHANGE AN ADDRESS: Please print the change of address form by clicking below. Complete the form and attach proof of residency. Proof of residency can be a copy of the front page of a purchase agreement, lease, or current utility bill. Address change forms and proof of residency can be returned in person, mailed (615 7th Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902), or faxed to the Registration and Records Office at (507) 281-6086 .

We look forward to serving you and your student(s).