Supplies Needed

-Tuna Fish Packets(not cans)
-Salted Pumkin and Sunflower Seeds
-Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
-Whey Protein Bars & Powder
-Trail Mix
-Granola Bars & Power Bars
-Gatorade/Kool-Aid/Crystal Light(instant drink mixes)
-Gum/Hard Candy
-Any kind of Snack Foods
-Instant oatmeal(Packets)
-Microwavable food/meals
-Hot Chocolate Packets

-Baby wipes 
-Liquid Hand sanitizer
-Razors (Mach-3 brand preferred)
-Shaving Cream (tubes only)
-Body Wash
-Eye drops (Visine)
-Lip Balm/Chapstick
-Tissues:individual packs
-Vitamins(any kind)
-Hand and body lotion
-brushes and combs
-Feminie hygiene products
-Cotton Balls
-Tylenol and Aspirin Packets
-Laundry Detergent (powdered only)
-Shampoo & Conditioner
-Dryer Sheets (i.e. "Bounce")
-Nail Files/Emery boards

-Batteries: "AA" and "C"
-Envelopes and stationary
-Playing Cards
-Mini Travel Games (UNO, Othello, Chess)
-Small electronic games
-Crosswords & other puzzle books
-Day planners & pocket calendars
-Paperback books (new or used)
-35mm disposable cameras
-Pens and Pencils
-Portable CD players
-Music CDS (new or used)
-X-Box games (new or used)
-PS2 games (new or used)
-Arts and Crafts kits 
-Yo Yo's 
-Nerf Footballs

-Small battery-operated fans
-Toys and school supplies for Iraqi Children
-Small Flashlights
-Baggies (Zip-Lock, freezer, gallon size)
-Baseball and sports gear
-Twin size bed sheets
-Pillow cases 
-Generic Sunglasses
-Duct Tape 
-Pre-Paid phone cards (AT&T) 
-Black Cotton or Wool socks
-White Cotton socks

****There is so much more that they could use to see a complete list go to: ****
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